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Leiden is an authentic Dutch city with a rich and long history (from the Iron Age and the Romans) and has an equally rich tradition when it comes to knowledge, science, culture and international relations. A city with beautiful canals, almost three thousand monuments, twelve renowned museums and a vibrant city centre.

A rich past

Walk through Leiden and the city’s rich past comes back to life. The 16th century academy building of Leiden University, the Weigh House designed by Pieter Post, the 12th century Burcht, the 13th century Gravensteen (where the Dukes of Holland once resided), the stately townhouses along the famous Rapenburg, the Prinsenhof (where William of Orange and Maurice of Orange used to stay), the old city gates, the beautiful churches of Pieterskerk and Hooglandse Kerk, and the city’s 35 courtyards tell the history of Leiden.


Famous residents of Leiden
The Lakenfeesten, 3 October Festival, the Leiden Cabaret Festival, the Leidse Waterdagen, the Rapenburg Concert, the Open Monumentendagen, the Leiden Film Festival, the Rembrandt Festival and much more. Leiden may be a small and picturesque city, but its festivals are known worldwide. Leiden is the key to Europe and the key to your European holiday. What’s more, the banks of the river transform into a bustling market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so chances are you’re lucky enough to experience it for yourself and get a taste of the local food. Pop on out and enjoy a relaxing stroll along the stalls spreading out from your doorstep.

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